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Teaches Serious Tennis to Serious Players

MATCH POINT TENNIS is the parent company for Coach James Tennis - which was spun off in 2007 for Coach James to bring his award winning tennis programs and styles to Northern Virginia
Coach James is a Certified Tennis Professional - teaching for 26 years and playing serious tennis for 38 years.
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Tennis 2021
These rules MUST be followed at all times - failure means you will be dismissed from class without a refund. These Potocols have been approved by South Riding Recreation Committee. No Exceptions~!

On Court Rules - Do NOT enter the court unless invited by Coach James.
In Class Rules:
If watching or Waiting for your class:
- loaning racquets vioates Covid-19 Protocols
We are Demanding Masks outside the fence - Or
6 Ft distancing outside w/o masks
10 feet Distancing inside the courts - Always
Coach James Excllency Award
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