Coach James Tennis

South Riding Tennis
Fox Mill Estates - Herndon
Pinecrest - Herndon

Teaches Serious Tennis to Serious Players

MATCH POINT TENNIS is the parent company for Coach James Tennis - which was spun off in 2007 for Coach James to bring his award winning tennis programs and styles to Northern Virginia
Coach James is a Certified Tennis Professional - teaching for 20 years and playing serious tennis for 35 years.
Adult Tennis
Special Events
Oak Grove - Sterling

Coach James Tennis

2019 Charity Event

Congratulations Ashwin
Congratulations Shruthi

2009 - 2019

2010 - 2019

Purchase Coach James Merchandise - pick up at South Riding, Herndon

DSTL Cap $25.
Coach James Foundation cap $25
Coach James hand towel (16x24in) $30

US Open Player Towel $50

My last season is upon me. My life is too complicated now to continue

Please send me pictures of your memories you want posted on this website

Thank you to the 5,243 kids I have had the priveledge to teach in this great community